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"I am Pentecostal Holiness and I love the lord. There is someone in my youth group who is very close to me, who lives the same way I do, but is doing things that we both know are wrong. Still, they're

filled with the Holy Ghost and seem to be doing good. I don't do any of the things that he's doing and I'm struggling trying to learn and grow deeper in God. I just don't understand why they continue to get blessed and I'm having a hard time getting in at church. Could someone please explain this to me?"


If their experience is real – then you must realize that God gives grace for a season before He exposes sin and cuts people off from His blessings. Even though your friend is doing wrong, God still loves them very much and is trying to save him from destruction. But if they continue to play games with His grace, then he will find himself cut off from God’s blessings, and separated from His presence. Now, if their experience is fake – then he is in a very dangerous position. To take advantage of God’s grace and play the hypocrite opens the doors of the heart to the enemy like nothing else. There are many people who have become hypocrites – trying to keep an image and appearance that they are still full of His spirit and in doing so they open themselves up to a spirit, but it’s not the Holy Spirit! The devil can speak in tongues and shout too.

Just because someone appears to be spiritual doesn’t mean anything if their life doesn’t back it up. 

If they are not living God’s word and they continue to appear “spiritual”

it means they are in fact, opening up their souls to the “spirit world”.

Now, you are feeling like you’re struggling simply because the enemy is fighting you more. He knows you are trying to do things the right way - according to God’s Word. Please don’t allow this situation to kill your desire to live pure before God. In the long run, you will come out victorious.

People who play games with God do not last very long. Eventually, they become casualties. But if you will stand strong, through the power and grace of God, you will become more than a conqueror through Christ.

Keep your eyes on Jesus; don’t focus on the failures of others. Through Him you will overcome!

-Bro. Spurlock


"In the long run, you will come out victorious"

"Don't allow the situation to kill your desire, to live pure before God"

"Keep your eyes on Jesus; don't focus on the failure of others"

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